Fadzter Media is now the ARK.





The Nucleus Project is my blog.
ideas. experiences. thoughts
A photojournal by Fady Rostom




Structural engineering software & resources for analysis & reinforced concrete design of beams.




Bonk is a company that makes high quality garments with the primary intention of keeping you warm.



Fadzter Media is now the ARK; a Kenyan based interactive agency focusing on strategic branding, creative advertising, and web.   The Nucleus Project is a multimedia calendar blog built by Fady Rostom using Adobe Flash.   This section offers a full Structural Engineering Program for the Analysis & Design of Reinforced Concrete Beams, developed by Fady Rostom using Macromedia Flash MX. The Module developed analyses forces and stesses in Reinforced Concrete Beams and provides Section & Steel Sizing Designs.   BONK clothing is proudly Kenyan